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Monitoring of the technical state of the diagonal fan.

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Ventilation is one of the main production systems to ensure the safety and comfort in the workplace. To ensure the effective operation of the ventilation systems required to carry out periodic inspection, adjustment and adjustment of the fan. The proposed system is a stationary control of process parameters vibration monitoring, vibration protection and vibration diagnostics company "Balteh", a series of "Proton-1000". This system is used by enterprises and provides continuous monitoring of predefined operational parameters at specific points in the equipment (the sensor mount). This is due to the need for "Proton-1000" at monitoring the quick response of the system to changes that signal the dangers of operating personnel, or tripping of the process equipment.
Diagonal fan, this fan, in which the meridional velocity of gas flow at the impeller exit parallel to the axis of rotation, and at the outlet of the impeller at an angle forming with its axis of rotation is about 45 degrees (GOST 22270-76, IORS). Mixed flow fans therefore, consist of a knee-asymmetric impeller housing and drum. Thus mixed flow fans are designed with an asymmetric impeller arrangement that provides air flow towards the formation of smaller. Diathermic fans with large wheels are capable of producing high pressures even at low speeds of the radial impeller and connected directly to the duct, the cross section of which has the shape of an elongated rectangle, but it has a low efficiency. For continuous monitoring the technical condition of the diagonal fan may as well use "PROTON Balance-II» portable device. This unit is the development of "Balteh" and performs the function of the vibrometer and balancer.
Diagonal fan housing consists of a conical shape with a conical impeller hub and blades fairing straightener vane, characterized in that the ratio of the taper angles of the sleeve and the housing. The fan operates as follows: The air flow to the impeller as it rotates, is deflected towards the body under the influence of centrifugal forces, which at the stated regarding the angles of taper bushings and housing almost fully converted into static pressure that prevents occurrence of stall events in the blade row the impeller, which leads to the expansion of industrial applications and stable operation of the fan. For this type of fan, you can also apply a continuous monitoring system called BALTECH VP- 3470. This series is the development of "Balteh" and refers to the unit of vibration diagnostics. Device BALTECH VP-3470 is used in the manufacturing companies staff to monitor dynamic fans and allows for timely troubleshooting. You can also use a portable maslolaboratoriyu section tribodiagnostics series BALTECH OA-5100 monitoring equipment. This laboratory will allow to make effective analysis and diagnostics of oil.
For monitoring the technical condition of the fan it is recommended to take courses diagonalngo top. Company "Balteh" provides training and technical training in a training center.
Reliability of low and high pressure fans
In the modern industrial world fan got extensive application in various industries. The data device is used almost everywhere, there is a device using a fan in every apartment. There is a great many kinds of fans, they are divided according to the principle of operation (centrifugal, axial, diagonal, etc.), The parameters generated by the pressure (low, medium, high pressure). The fan needs to move the gas, some fans are used to move (hovercraft).
The basis of the reliability of low and high pressure fans is their simplicity. fan design consists of a shaft with blades of various designs, and the casing, the fan itself is usually given by means of a box-work or belt drive.
Diagnosis of fans is reduced to the periodic maintenance checks. Using the vibration diagnostics, you can get a fairly complete picture, with high probability to determine the number of defects that can occur with this equipment, for example, cavitation, contamination of rotor blades, distortion or lack of same blades, shaft imbalance and other defects. In the field of vibration diagnostics is well established following equipment, CSI 2140 BALTECH powerful 4-channel vibration analyzer can automatically identify defects and BALTECH the VP-3470 - available 2-channel vibration analyzer with great potential. In addition to the vibration diagnostics fans are diagnosed with the help of thermal imaging NDT method, for example, BALTECH TR-0180 series thermal imaging camera able to detect defects in the early stages of their origin, any local overheating. After repairs to such equipment must be of the alignment, because improper alignment increases the consumption of electricity and reduces the overhaul interval of work equipment. Using the laser alignment system series "QUANTUM-LM" You can avoid these problems.
If you are interested to invite your experts to specialized training conducted by a licensed training center BALTECH, in various fields of technical diagnostics. As a training center experts will help with carrying out technical audits, the identification of weaknesses in the processes in the enterprise.
In the event that contain diagnostic department in your company is uneconomical, qualified technical service department of the company BALTECH ready to help you with a full range of diagnostics.
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